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Home Performance Service

Is your home leaking energy? Do temperatures differ from room to room? These issues can signify inefficiencies in your home, which can waste money and sacrifice comfort. Let Air Tech resolve these issues with our home performance service!

Air Tech works within SMUD’s Home Performance Program to rate and improve your home’s efficiency. You will learn precisely where your home is leaking energy and how to qualify for SMUD rebates.

High infiltration, outdated heated and cooling systems, inadequate insulation, faulty duct installation, and single-paned windows can cause your home to leak energy impacting your overall comfort and costing you hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bill. The Home Performance Service Program makes it easy for home owners to scientifically assess and improve their home’s efficiency. It all starts with an energy assessment.

Benefits of a Home Energy Assessment

Air Tech HVAC, Inc. offers a comprehensive energy evaluation. It is your first step toward transforming your home into a more energy efficient and comfortable environment.

We will thoroughly test your home’s energy performance. You’ll receive a detailed report of where your home is losing energy. That report will also include an energy savings plan with an estimated rebate amount, and a quote to complete the work. All of the following are including in the inspection:

  • Air sealing (infiltration rate)
  • Weather stripping
  • Attic insulation
  • Hot water system insulation
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
  • Thermal barrier
  • Duct sizing and sealing
  • Wall and floor insulation
  • Air conditioner
  • Furnace
  • Water heater
  • Windows

To view the latest SMUD Home Rebates and Energy Solutions CLICK HERE. You can save money and live more comfortably with just a few adjustments to your home’s insulation and efficiency.

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